Macca Mastering

All-analogue mastering studio with high end gear. Lots of tubes, tape machines, vintage equipment. Gear from Telefunken, Siemens, Neumann, Gem Audio Labs, SPL, TK-Audio, B&W, Rotel and many more. We do everything from CD and Vinyl mastering to voice/speech mastering. Sample mastering is free, please send all the links here: (Dropbox, Google Drive, WeTransfer - preffered). We collaborate with major and alternative artists all over the world from metal to jazz, we do stuff for radio/TV, DJ's, jingles, commercials, etc.

Why analog?

We care about the sound. Digital simulations... are just simulations. You just can't recreate analog path, sound structure and harmonics of tubes, transistors and transformers with a computer software. Our vintage Telefunken M15 Master Recorder tape machine is used here as an effect for analog saturation or it can be hit more gentle way to bring dead digital mixes alive and make them warmer, more natural to human ear.


To calculate mastering quote we always need: number of tracks and their total length. Single, standard-length track is appriox. $45 (40 EUR). More than 10 tracks = discounts. Currently we have a 50% discount for vinyl mastering when you do also a CD/digital. Please ask for details at

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